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Exploring Possibilities Over Coffee

David Gilbert

If you are committed to your personal growth and leaving a legacy of positive impact in the world, this is the podcast for you. You are 1 insight away from your next level of greatness, let’s uncover those golden insights.Exploring Possibilities Over Coffee is here to assist you in expanding your perceptions and exploring our potential. Join David Gilbert as he dives right into his guest's stories, where he may challenge their thinking, but always uncovers universal insights.David is here to help you unlock your divine potential by dissolving your limiting beliefs. He has coached CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Peak Performance Coaches, Lawyers, Actors, Mental Health Practitioners, and more. He is an expert in maximizing productivity so driven leaders can reclaim their lives and co-authored the Amazon bestseller Peak Performance: Mindset Tools for Business.Remember, you are the Alchemist. Only you can transmute, or take action on the insights we discover today, and turn them into inner or outer gold. Welcome to The Golden Life, let’s co-create a more beautiful world for ourselves – and all mankind.